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Best Fingerprint App Lock Apps for Android

Fingerprint scanner is one of the features present in FLAGSHIP PHONES.This feature of flagship phones came in the year 2015.This is the reason why it is considered as the newest feature of the mobile phones.Nowadays Fingerprint scanner feature has started acting as one of the mainstream or important features for the mobile phones if we consider the safety point of view of your smart mobile phones.Therefore,today we are seeing a number of mobile phones which are by default equipped with this feature of fingerprint scanning so that they can provide you the level of safety which you need nowadays for your mobiles.The most common function of FingerPrint Scanner is to UNLOCK THE DEVICE USING THE FINGERPRINT SCANNING OF THE FINGERPRINT(S) WHICH YOU HAVE PROVIDED TO IT(FINGERPRINT SCANNER).Moreover,it can also be used to LOCK AND UNLOCK DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS OF YOUR MOBILE PHONES.

Some of the mobile phones have inbuilt feature to lock or unlock their devices and apps present in the devices using FINGERPRINT SCANNER SOFTWARE.This software or feature is provided by some of the OEMs.Now you may be thinking what is an OEM?Okay,so let me tell you that the full form of OEM is ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER and the major function of an OEM is to produce or manufacture those parts,equipments or softwares for certain devices which can be marketed by any other MANUFACTURER.

In case, if the OEM does not provide you the inbuilt feature of FINGERPRINT SCANNING in your mobile then you can take the help of some THIRD PARTY APPS TO LOCK OR UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE AND OTHER APPS PRESENT IN YOUR DEVICE USING FINGERPRINT.


App Lock

App Lock is an app which is available in its Free version on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.It allows you to lock or unlock other apps present in your mobile phones with the help of PIN and PASSWORD.You can also use your FINGERPRINT to lock or unlock apps either on your SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONE which should be ANDROID BASED or on any other MARSHMALLOW ANDROID BASED MOBILE PHONES.Therefore,in case if you have a mobile phone with ANDROID 6.0 and a FINGERPRINT SCANNER you can lock or unlock apps of your device using the APP LOCK. App Lock has got a very beneficial feature that it automatically protects and starts your apps which you have locked using it when you RESTART your mobile phone.You can secure your private or personal apps using APP LOCK.


FingerSecurity, It was the first application which allowed the android smartphone user to protect the application with their unique Fingerprint .It was first release on 16th of July in 2014. It tries to make the life easy of the user as it is user friendly and it make the smartphone more secure. The user can unlock the multiple application at one time. You can even set the security pin or password for protection. The user can use their favourite picture as the background. It only works with the phone who have inbuilt fingerprint scanner in the android smartphones. Finger security might use lots of battery of the android smartphone all you need to do is to restart your phone and the application will start working normally and it will stop draining the battery.

It is available at free of cost on Google Play Store.

App Locker | Best AppLock

App Locker,It is one of the best applock with the fingerprint scanner. The user can keep their privacy on their smartphone with the help of this application. it allows the user to lock different applications which most of the user uses in their smartphone . It will work definitely awesome if your phone has Android 6.0 or above and your phone has fingerprint sensor in the android smartphone.You can set up your pins or password to protect the applications. It is one of the lightest app lock which is available at zero cost on Google Play Store. It does not consumes the RAM,Battery and other resources like any other applications.

AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock, it is also one of the applications which help the user to protect the applications with fingerprint scan. It supports convenient locking with the help of fingerprint sensor. It works with Samsung Devices or other Device which have the Android 6.0 with the fingerprint sensor. The user can lock the application and Setting which includes Wireless networks,Incoming calls,app install/uninstall. It helps the user to block the unwanted notifications. It has the remote control system which helps to lock or unlock the device with sms text.

Congratulations, now you know the Best Fingerprint Scanners For Android.